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Session of the Investigative Committee Collegium. Practice of considering reports on missing persons is analyzed
On November 27, the Investigative Committee held a session of the Collegium devoted to two main issues: analyzing the practice of investigating criminal cases with regard to missing persons and summing up the...
The Investigative Committee completes the investigation of the theft of large quantities of berries and fruits
The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee completed the investigation of the criminal case with regard to fraud during cargo transportation
Investigation regarding the former mobster from Morozov’s gang is completed in Gomel
The Administration of the Investigative Committee in and for the Gomel Region completed the investigation of the criminal case involving the coercion to fulfill obligations and extortion initiated against one of the...
Investigation of the case with regard to drug stores is completed. 37 accused, the activity of one online store is terminated
The Main Investigative Department completed the investigation of a large-scale criminal case with regard to the activity of “employees” of two large online stores selling prohibited substances
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